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Knowing how much the business itself is worth is not always that simple. We can initially think about physical values ​​of the building, inventory and furniture, but knowing how much your customer portfolio is worth, your short, medium and long term receivables, knowing how much your brand is worth is even more important and valuable.

And after knowing these values, knowing what to do with them to improve them is one of our best services.

We have several successful cases in corporate governance analysis with special experience in Insurance Brokers and Mechanics. Not infrequently, we assist in gathering information in sales and acquisition processes of similar companies.

  • ABC curve

  • Survey of Margin and Indebtedness

  • Fixed and Variable Costs with Breakeven Point

  • Work Value and Strength Duration

  • Pricing

  • Survey of work bleeding points

  • Standardization

  • Business legislation.

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