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IT Solutions

for your Business

Insurance Brokers

All control from the moment of prospecting, quotation, proposals and policy issuance, with due control of commission and transfer to producers, claim, endorsements, and renewal routines, production control are guaranteed by our systems.

Mechanical Workshops

The control of Service Orders totally interconnected with Inventory and Accounts Payable and Receivable, Entry of NF in Requisitions, Guarantee, ABC Curve, Application that brings where were the best purchases of parts and products and unmatched stability. Serves car workshops, trucks, forklifts, motorcycles, aircraft, boats and tractors and agricultural implements.

Grain Storage

Control the progress of maintenance of your equipment and direct interference in the production and storage of grains.

Language Schools

Far beyond the approved systems required by the franchisor, there is real and effective control of the school's cash, inventory, payroll, cost control, sales pricing, and commission control. Direct and objective consulting.

Technical Assistance

Similar to the Mechanical Workshop system, with all the controls inherent to the activity in addition to special practicality of operation.

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