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CoVid19 - Remote Access Home Office

Which is?

We are all aware or almost aware of the impacts caused by the Corona Virus 19 pandemic on the economy and especially on the way people are changing the way they interact, whether socially or commercially. And these changes have already reached the job market, mainly changing the way of doing work in an environment with contact with other people reduced to a minimum.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The home office was the solution found to initially meet operational demands, which in our case specifically concern data registration, image storage and the possibility of consultations with updated data.

How to make?

For the registrations to continue to be carried out and the data normalized, the servers or machines where Argos is installed can be easily accessed via the internet in various ways called remote access, however, there are two ways
that divide them: 1) through remote access programs 2) through the Windows remote desktop connection using dyndns or another connector.

In the first mode we have programs that we recommend such as Anydesk, Aeroadmin and Team-Viewer that even allow remote access to be guaranteed through passwords, that is, it will only be possible to access the server through these programs as long as the password is known. access and this can be configured in such a way that there is no need to have a user on the other side to allow access ... this password guarantees this. We advise against using Ammyy due to the ease of hacker invasions.

Such a possibility is ideal for small businesses, with small to medium data traffic, internet speed not so good and mainly interesting because it has zero cost in the case of Anydesk and because it is not a 100% secure environment, it is important that there is an updated antivirus both on the server machine and on the one that is performing the access.

The second case is appropriate for companies that have a significant volume of data with access to images of policies, budgets, proposals, work orders and constant consultations. In this case there is a need for an IT service to configure the server and create the access sessions, which are images of the server configured in such a way for each user, where permissions and access can be limited. It is the safest method, however, there is the cost of configuration work, as well as the access licenses made available.

In both cases, there is an imperative need for a UPS to power the server, however, in these cases, even a UPS has a maximum load time in the event of a power failure.

From April, Argos and the Senior Mechanic will be available in the cloud, which will allow full access to the systems via internet browser. Although in this case there is a charge to cover the hosting service, access bandwidth, backups and continuous access there is savings in IT services, server maintenance, server antivirus, backup, external hard drive, UPS, licenses, etc. .

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