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Apps for

Cell phone

Mobility currently translates into freedom and speed of action.

We develop consultation and interaction applications for cell phones using its database. Registration of Clients, Documents, Products and Parts within the most complex filters to generate the mass of data.

We can have, for example, the search for a product that displays when it was last purchased, from which supplier, at what price and what other purchases were made, when it was cheaper or more expensive. Or even, given a customer, when he made the policy, which insurance company, which phone number and even that company 0800 insurance number. Intersections are infinity.

And more: From that same record, you can contact anyone by phone, sms, send email or even call out Google Maps so that it shows you on the map where this customer, supplier or company is located.

Talk to us and we will certainly have an appropriate answer to your type of business.

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