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Foreign trade

Given the facilities in the search for information about products resulting from globalization combined with internet tools, it is quite common to ask ourselves if a certain product exists and if the answer is positive, who manufactures it, where is this manufacture and finally how is it done to have this product in hands?

From electronic components that are part of antennas and radars to entire equipment or in parts including chemical components that are part of a soft drink or flavored water, everything can be researched and have its acquisition costs raised using our IT services focused on Import.

We discover the existence or not of this product, we check if there is an existence of this product being manufactured in the national territory, if it is only abroad, what is its correct NCM, its fees and taxes to be imported, its storage and transport costs and we even indicate who can perform customs clearance.

Would you like another advantage? We have special conditions when hiring containers, whether shared or totaled.

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